Old Friend

Dear someone out there,

I don’t even know whether you read this or not. But, I just want to talk with you just for a moment. It has been a long time that I’m not sending you a letter. There are a lot of things that happen to me at that time. I just really want to tell you, that I miss you. In the old time, I always feel that I have a close friend who could hear all my stories. And after you decided to left, I feel empty. 

It’s interesting that I have this feeling, I always feel that you are the only one who could hear all my   story which I can’t tell to anybody. I just feeling safe.  You hear me, and I hear you. 

I always ask my self the reason why you left this place. I know, you have a plan. You want to start a new things, a new life. Everyone deserve a better life than before. But the things is, I still can’t leave my place right now. I don’t know, It’s just too hard for me to leave this place. I’ve stay at this place for a long time. I know, this is the best time for me to leave. But  It’s not that easy. 

You are the one who inspire me to be the better man. You taught me a lot of things even you don’t realize that. 

This is the first letter from me  after all this time. I just hope that you’re enjoy your new life there. Please, be healthly. I hope this is not  the last letter for you from me. I hope you read this. 


Your old friends


10 respons untuk ‘Old Friend

  1. shiq4 berkata:

    Pasti rasanya sulit berpisah dengan teman dekat yg mau mendengarkan kita. Tapi waktu terus berlalu dan kehidupan terus berputar. Temui orang-orang baru dan jangan terkekang masa lalu. That’s it.

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

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