The Best Place To Be Alone

Finally after a long time not writting, I can write something again on my blog. I don’t understand but my desire to writting is back this time. I’m not feeling okay when I write this post because I feel a little bit sick. But that’s okay, there’s something that I want to tell you right now my friends.

Baca lebih lanjut



 This morning, I wake up a litte bit earlier. The sky is still full with darkness. 

Everytime I wake up this early, I always sit on my chair. And look at my study table. I open my planner to see what something that I must to do in this week. The monthly planner remind me that I still have three weeks before the mid test is coming.

The time has gone by so fast..

As I said in the last post that I have some problem with game addiction. This thing distract me so much. To be honest, after play that game I can’t focus in doing anything. 

This morning, under the darkness of the sky and around some shining stars on the sky. I take my phone and unlock it. I hold the icon, and I decided to uninstal this thing. 

Wish me luck my friends, I know it need the time to change some bad habit like gaming. Gaming isn’t that bad, but the problem is I can’t manage my time. Because of that reason I need to stay away from this thing. 
I hope I can do my life better now πŸ™‚