#1 I’m Back


Hello my friend, it’s been a long time since the last time I write somthing on my blog. If you ask me why I’m gone for such a long time, I decided to stop writting for a moment because to be honest my time management is so bad and I couldn’t spend a time for writting. So I cut it out and decided to focus on my college. (yeah even my college things is still such a mess too hahaha).

Well, eventhough I’m not writting on my blog. I still writting on my journal sometimes. That’s right, even I decided not to writting for a moment. I can’t stop the desire to express my feelings in a words. Writting is already become my habit since I was in junior high school, so thats impossible to literally stop writting like I want to. I have so many feelings that kept on my heart and it’s slowly hurts me. I need to tell and explain it to someone. But I’m not a type of a guy who could tell directly to my friend about my feelings because I always feel it end suck to tell my story directly to my friend because they seemed not really care about it. The only solution of this thing is just writting here, with all you my blog friends. Even i don’t know whether there are anyone who still read my blog this time because I’m allready gone for such a long time.

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The Best Place To Be Alone

Finally after a long time not writting, I can write something again on my blog. I don’t understand but my desire to writting is back this time. I’m not feeling okay when I write this post because I feel a little bit sick. But that’s okay, there’s something that I want to tell you right now my friends.

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 This morning, I wake up a litte bit earlier. The sky is still full with darkness. 

Everytime I wake up this early, I always sit on my chair. And look at my study table. I open my planner to see what something that I must to do in this week. The monthly planner remind me that I still have three weeks before the mid test is coming.

The time has gone by so fast..

As I said in the last post that I have some problem with game addiction. This thing distract me so much. To be honest, after play that game I can’t focus in doing anything. 

This morning, under the darkness of the sky and around some shining stars on the sky. I take my phone and unlock it. I hold the icon, and I decided to uninstal this thing. 

Wish me luck my friends, I know it need the time to change some bad habit like gaming. Gaming isn’t that bad, but the problem is I can’t manage my time. Because of that reason I need to stay away from this thing. 
I hope I can do my life better now 🙂 

Just Why…

I think this post is a little bit about personal things but it’s okay because I want to tell you something about me. 🙂 Maybe, after I write all those thing, I can become better than before.

There are a lot fo thing that distract me a lot this week. I don’t know why that happen to me, but I just can’t focus right now. Well, Saya akan memberitahukan kepada teman semua mengenai bad habit yang beberapa hari bekalangan ini sedang sering saya lakukan. Here we go.

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