#2 Midnight Notes: Random Thought

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Finally, I could comeback to this realm again after a long time. I have a lot of things to do in this past two weeks. I have a final test last week, and I went to some short trip to Jakarta using train in the monday so I haven’t catch up to anything related to my blog. Even the final test is already end in Thursday last week. But I still have a paper that I need to do because it would be used as replacement of final test of sustainability accounting. Yap, it’s kind of ‘take home’ final test and to be honest I don’t like it because I couldn’t enjoy my ‘free time’ after all test.

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#1 Midnight Notes

Some Place In My College

And here we go, I’m here in the middle of the night again. Wait, it isn’t exactly in the middle of the night to be honest. It’s already 2 am in the morning. I decided to writting before I continue make a college notes.  I always like midnight, I could think about every single things clearly. How about you?

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